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7. November 2011 1 07 /11 /November /2011 19:54

You once were fine, nice and smart

But suddenly you broke it apart

Oh I'd love to see you cry, I do

To see you hurt like you're a fool


I'd like to slap your face real hard

Bring you back to reality

I know that may not be too smart

But I guess it is your destiny


You, you made me weak

To make you strong

To cover up

That you're so wrong


I don't care who you are

You just marked me with a scar

You turned the situations all around

You turned the situation all around


You, you ruined my life

You dindn't really care

I tell you, that wasn't fair


When I was high

When I broke down and had to cry

You turned around and looked away                              b195057648.jpg

No reason for you to longer stay


I ruined your night

Ok, fine I did

But I don't really give a sh*t


I'm stronger now and I don't care

How or even who you are

The only thing reminding me

Is my scar don't you see


It's hidden deep inside of me

Far away from you

Oh, I have changed the side you see

Now I will ignore you


Bye forever

With you there will always be a never

So what ever you will do

I won't care I'm done with you 

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