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3. November 2011 4 03 /11 /November /2011 16:21

There was a girl,

                       which learned to fly


But all she did,

                       it made her cry


Her blossom grew,

                       she flowered up


Then she stopped,

                       and lost her way


She saw no reason,

                       why she'd stay


She screamed for help, insecure,

                       but one noticed, that's for sure                                          Cherry-Blossom.jpg


Her beauty grew,

                       but didn't see



The helped saw and felt sad,

                       how it turned worse and bad


Her eyes filled with sorrow,

                       every day and every night


She had to go,

                       and win the fight


Beauty was the score,

                       You see


But all the things,

                       she had to reach


She had it all,

                       just to be


Be different then,

                       the others are



She just has to,

                       Yes she must


Open her jar,

                        full of trust


And beauty, fun,

                        and lot's of love


And in a medium,

                        far above


She'll see it too,

                        I know she will


She'll find her way,

                        I know it too



'Cause I know you are wonderful... 



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